I must say this fast was very eventful, it seemed as if I was put into certain environments to be tested, but any who, I went to Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour Concert, and let me tell y’all something! Seeing them in concert is definitely worth it.

I’m not really a fan of concerts because its just always so many people in one big area which makes me nervous, but they are two people I would see over and over again.

I was just in awe watching them perform together.  They are literally PERFECT for each other.  Its a beautiful sight to see a successful couple like them go through real life situations and come together to create a master piece.

I LOVE how this “hoodlum” from Brooklyn, allows himself to be vulnerable to his wife, admit his wrong doing, and how he lets her vent the way she wants and need to vent.  You can see in their performance, how they stare at each other, how they watch each other perform that they are deeplyin love, and I don’t care what anyone else say, they are REAL LIFE GOALS OK!

But overall the concert was amazing.  To me it was a connection, a vibe, I felt their energy and it made me want to get my life together just so I can make it to be their friend lol.

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