El Cubano

Stepping foot on the Cuban grounds was like a time capsule shooting me back to the 1950s. Funny enough, I’ve always wondered what life was like before my time, what did it look like, feel like, sound like and Cuba seems like the closest answers to my questions. Oh and by the way I’m in a 1957 royal blue and white Chevrolet, where you push a red button to honk the horn lol, passing a family riding on a horse and cattle. Pretty old school huh.

Our trip was short but very fulfilling. My family was on a cruise stopping in Cuba so we decided to surprise them there. They had no clue we were coming. It was hilarious seeing their faces.

Here’s a few snap shots of our trip … The MailboxCentral ParkThe Coco Taxi’sIn Between The New and The Old Havana

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