Open Hand

“To receive anything, you must open your hand to give”

This quote stands out to me because its so ironic that if you have something in your closed hand and you don’t share, it prevents you from using those hands to receive your blessings.  In order to receive you must give, but never give ONLY to receive. 

Ever since I was a little girl my grandmother forced me to give up my weekends and help her serve food to the homeless.  At the time, I could not see the benefit it would bring in years to come.  But today was clearly the ripple effect of those times.

When I graduated Junior High School, I got accepted to a school I didn’t apply for, a brand new small school, a school that none of my friends were attending, and a school that had a policy of mandatory volunteer work in order to graduate.

Today, in a full circle moment, I was gifted with a certificate for my commitment to service and dedication to helping older New Yorkers and communities in need.

I literally remember the day I decided to make this commitment.  I wanted to do something, specifically with the elderly because I feel like in society today, there’s a lack of respect and appreciation for the elderly. It saddens me because old people have so much wisdom and knowledge that we often disregard.  The elderly should be treated like the treasures they are and they should know that they are special to us. They’ve seen things that we can never see, they have experienced things that we will never know, things that we will only read in text books.  I love talking and hearing the stories of older people and their generations.  There are times when I don’t want to go and volunteer but every time I leave I feel fulfilled.  I feel better doing this than anything else that I do at this current moment.

It felt and feels really good knowing that I am here doing Gods work.  It also felt good being surrounded by so many people who feels the same exact way I do about being of service to others.




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