The Journey of 1,000 Miles …

Have you ever had a feeling inside, or a little voice in your head telling you to do something and its sooo hard to ignore?! Well that’s exactly what’s been happening to me and why I will be embarking on a fasting journey.

For the past 3 months I’ve been feeling really sluggish, uninterested and stuck on which direction to go next with my life plans.  I feel a disconnect from my spiritual father and just not in tune with myself.  I’ve always been a seeker but lately I’ve been trying so hard to find answers and didn’t even know where to being.  A random thought came in my head that I should do a fast.  Just so you know how random that thought really was, me and fasting don’t even belong in the same sentence, I like to get my “Eat” on.  And I never really understood the purpose of fasting. Now, I firmly believe that God gives us the answers we NEED, even thought it may not be what we WANT.  So I literally would ignore that voice in my head telling me to fast.

During work, I like to listen to podcast to take my mind off of where I am physically, and just get lost in my dreams, and planning my future. As I’m skimming through the podcast I stumbled upon a few.  My new favorite is Blessed + Bossed Up.  So as I’m listening, Tatum, the owner of Blessed + Bossed Up, begins to drop jewels, she said that before she started any of her businesses she would Fast.  When she said that, it struck a chord in me.  It really resonated with my spirit and for the first time in a long time I felt a little excitement for something new.  I thought to myself, is this a sign? I pushed it out my head at that time, but then I started listening to a totally different podcast and it just so happened that the guest speaker on the podcast said the EXACT SAME THING!!.  She stated that when she feels lost, or she’s looking for answers she would Fast.

I said OK OK God I hear you and I will obey!

So with that being said, I decided to fast for the entire month of August.

  1. No Meat
  2. No Alcohol
  3. No Juice
  4. Mon-Wed from 7am-7pm No intake on any foods
  5. No Dairy

There’s more to the list but it’s pretty personal. My main reason for Fasting…. well of course because1)-I believe God is telling me to (SB: why do we ask for answers and when its right in our face we totally ignore them), 2)-I feel it is necessary to show God that I am his obedient servant and willing to sacrifice to get answers and 3)-I just want to detox, get some clarity and get closer to him.

As August is fastly approaching, I’m taking baby steps to mentally and physically prepare for this journey.  Step 1, I made the decision, Step 2-I started off with a foot detox. (So many people were interested so I’ll make a post about all the information on that real soon)..Step 3-Follow the signals and wait for the answers.

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