I Finally Graduated !!!

What was suppose to only be 2 years seemed like the longest journey of my life! Completing my Associates Degree!!!

Since I graduated high school I’ve been in and out of college. All throughout high school I felt pressured about college, what college would I attend what major would I take up. At the end of high school I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do or be.

Through the years I’ve failed classes, switched majors, I was at an academic standing because my GPA was low so I had to sit out a semester, I thought I could hang out in Brooklyn til 4am and make it to class in Queens for 9am. Everything that could’ve possibly went wrong for me in college basically did. I think that I really wasn’t ready for college as well.

I was also under a lot of pressure because it’s like everyone was moving forward and I was at a halt for THEE LONGEST. Everyone asking “oh so when are you graduating” and you have no real answer for them. Or even when your peers from high school are now on their master and you STILL didn’t complete your associates.

I finally came to myself like “self whatever you’re doing isn’t working and you need to figure it out you’re only getting older” I buckled down and took my education serious.

Some would say I wasted time, some may call me slow, some may laugh at the fact that I’m now getting my associates, but for me I accomplished something greater than a degree. I gained the confidence to know that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to no matter how many obstacles are thrown at me. I could’ve easily thrown in the towel and say forget this, but I didn’t, I stuck with it and made sure I finished what I started.

I’ve also learned that I had to go through that process through out all those years to be prepared for what’s to come for me. Trust The Process!!!

Even though you may seem behind, you are exactly where you need to be at the right time.

One Degree down! Two more to go 🙌🏾, Maybe Three. Ooh And My GPA IS NOW 3.8 !!!

SB: don’t let anyone degrade your accomplishments, no one ever knows what you really had to go through to get to where you are today ❤️

Thank you to everyone who believed in me, motivated me, and helped me get through this. It sure wasn’t easy!

4 Replies to “I Finally Graduated !!!”

  1. I love this ❤❤❤ I can truly relate to the struggles. I applaud you for not giving up!! Congratulations baby girl!!❤


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