Deijha And Emily Takes Cancun

Last week I went to my favorite vacation location … CANCUN !!! Lol I don’t think I can stress enough how much I love that place. It’s always worth the trip.

My friend Emily was a newbie to Cancun so it was so much fun showing her the city.

Any who we stayed at the Γ“leo Playa Resort, the hotel was beautiful but it wasn’t the best hotel that I’ve been to out there. It definitely gave me a more intimate vibe, so if you’re traveling with your partner that maybe the place for you to go.

We bought a package deal for 2 excursions for only $109! Because I’m more of an adrenaline junky I did the underwater scooter dive and Emily did the boat tour because she was being a scaredy cat

As I’m on the boat driving to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, getting closer to my destination I could literally feel my heart beating faster and faster. The closer I got, the faster the heartbeat. I started thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Mind you, before I went, the tour guide was telling me how people throw up, panic while going under, all sorts of things. It’s like they were telling me DO NOT DO IT. But I did it anyway lol. I was thinking about the Will Smith SkyDiving Fear video about being afraid before actually taking a risk is. Waste of energy and I instantly got over it. I was actually the first one to go under water. I had to jump in and swim into the scooter head piece. I even opened my eyes under water, and now that I’m thinking about it my eyes didn’t even burn from the salt water, maybe because I didn’t have time to hunk about burning eyes, but more about the fact that I’m about to be underwater in the middle of the ocean for 30 whole minutes!!! I’m not even gonna lie as I went down I was mentally panicking a little. The pressure in the helmet to keep the water out was hurting my ears! I had to keep yawning and holding my nose to blow out to keep it from popping! It was a bit uncomfortable but a GREAT experience overall. I seen Misses Puff (a blow fish), a tortoise, coral reefs, so many different vibrant colored fish, a shocking blue color, neon yellow, silver ! Every color you can possibly think of. I was starring deep into the sea thinking like omg what would I do if I see a shark heading my way 😩. What would you do? Lol. I was down there for about 30 minutes and it was worth it. I love doing things that I’ve never done before. Even though I’ve been to Mexico a million times, every experience is different and I always do something different. I’m so mad because I don’t have any pictures underwater.

The next day we went zip lining and to the Cenote. This tour was very well worth it. They provided transportation and traditional food and drinks. We visited three different Cenotes, Zapote, Abuelo Cheche, And Plamas. We were allowed to jump from about 30 feet high into the Cenote!!! Of course I jumped, but the second Cenote was way too high, and after that first jump I had water go into my nose and come out my mouth 😩. Sorry if that’s a little too graphic, but of course everything is an experience πŸ™‚.

We made a friend, another Emily from England.

That night we went out to the city! The nightlife in Cancun is ALWAYS fun. We took the bus straight to the city, it was 12 pesos which is less than 1 USD, we paid 1 USD for the both of us.

We went to a club called La Vaquita ($35 entry unlimited drinks included) So we had no choice but to drink 😏. They played all the latest tunes! If ever in Mexico stop at club La Vaquita!!

This Was The Best Pre-Graduation Turn Up EVER!!

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