When Being Tested, Look For The Lesson.

So yesterday I had yet another successful Queenlish event. It didn’t look like it would happen, but as usual, by the grace of God.

Let me explain….The day before the event my entire tire fell off of the rim, literally exploded while I was driving. It was the absolute worst timing. My internship leader needed me to do some work for her, a group project needed to be completed, a package with items for the event arrived 2 days late and could not be located and I needed to get some last minute things done for the event. When things like this happen I usually start to feel overwhelmed, but I made a conscious decision to just let things be. Everything happens for a reason, right?

So because I didn’t have my car I decided to take an Uber pool along with everything I needed for the event. Upon entering the vehicle I was instantly greeted by my pool mate, Chaundra. It was absolutely divine intervention that I took the Uber, and that she usually takes the LIRR.

Long story short she teaches at Hofstra, is a keynote speaker, a comedian and would you believe, after a 22 minute ride, she canceled her plans just to come to my event!!!

She was beyond amazing! She stepped in and helped with everything. She even started off my event introducing me and by making little jokes, and had the crowd laughing in no time. I definitely gained soo much more than just getting from point A to point B.

We literally met 1 hour before these pictures were taken !

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