WCW Sarah & Shelly Edition

Last Friday I was nominated as SLP Swims FIRST brand ambassador !! So to return the honor I would like to dedicate my first WCW post to whom I call my big sisters, Sarah and Shelly.

Ok so Sarah and Shelly, are sorta kinda like the big sisters I never had. Even though we don’t speak everyday when we do it’s always encouragement, work, planning, and coming up with great ideas.

Friday I was able to be apart of their dreams and watch it unfold. I was extremely proud and excited to be apart of their projects.

Sarah has a swim line and she’s creating a website that will be available soon. She has sooo many great designs and major events coming up so stay tuned for that !

Shelly is creating a fashion app, which I don’t want to expose to much of her content. But she has amazing ideas and I can not wait to see it manifest!

Be on the look out for SLPSwim and TrendyTripsUS 🤗

Sneak peak of behind the lens footage !

Thank you guys for making me apart of your work I truly appreciate the fact that you saw something in me to give me this position ❤️

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