Sunsets In Santorini (part2)

Out of the many islands that Greece contains, Santorini is known to be one of the most popular, not only in Greece, but in the world!

A complete opposite of The Gritty City of Athens, Santorini was pristine and ethereal.  From the outside looking in it looks like one huge massive rock, I started to wonder where the famous white scenery was. But when we got to the hotel, a staff member came and walked us through the gates of heaven! It’s like what I would imagine walking through heaven would be like.  The spotless pearly white sanctuaries, with bold royal blue doors, and vibrant fuchsia flowers! Heaven on earth !

Santorini operated on a slower pace.  More relaxed and intimate.  Definitely recommended for couples.  But the views will take your breath away-simply stunning.

My stay at  Crystal Blue was nothing short of amazing.  The staff was exceptional.  The owner took the time to greet us and care of a mini-crisis and made sure that we had everything we needed to enjoy our stay.  From the moment we arrived to the moment we left.  They made me a birthday card, how nice was that ❤️. Every accommodation was provided for.  Breakfast was included and spectacular, serving a variety of options including fresh fruit and juices. We barely wanted to leave the property as the beach was right in front.

We started our journey on the first day, we walked 3 minutes to the bus (1.80 Euro) and ventured out to the island capital Fira.  Fira is filled with so many cute shopping stores and restaurants. Everything you needed was there along with every person on the island. This is 3 generations grandma, mother, and I  But the real spectacular views are in Oia, which is at the farthest peak of the island..  Oia was another bus ride up, but it is definitely a MUST ! The most viral pictures that you see with the white structures with the blue domes overlooking the vast Aegean sea.  Like the end of the earth.  This is not just a regular place to visit. This is some other world type stuff.  If that view does not change you or do something to you, then you must be a robot!! The pearl of the Aegean Sea 😍

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