The Gritty City Of Athens (part 1)

Efcharisto Greece!! (Thank You Greece), Earlier this year, I wrote down 3 places I wanted to visit for the year, Australia, Greece, and Thailand. Thankful enough I’ve made it to two of the three, and the year isn’t over yet … Any who I had the joy of spending my 26th Birthday In Greece 😬, spending 2 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Santorini and 2 nights in Mykonos.My family and I started our journey in Athens. There is a flat fee of 39€ for the taxi ride from the airport to the city center. The metro was surprisingly easy to understand and cost efficient. With the ride costing only 1.80€ we were able to go to every location we needed. The good thing about the hotels is that most have breakfast included but are fairly small in the city, and almost all elevators in Greece are fit for 2 people ! No exaggeration! We literally had to take our bags up one person and one bag at a time !<<<<<<<<<<
ad its own mural

Athens, the capital of Greece, is the oldest city in Europe ! It’s landmarks age back from about 400 B.C ! The historical significance is mind blowing. The Parthenon (a temple built during the Athenian Empires peak, dedicated to the goddess Athena) stands so boldly at the peak of Athens over looking the modern city. Standing in front of it, I felt like I was in a time warp. Looking around I felt I was transported back to those times. Envisioning the Goddess Athena walking around her temple so gracefully.

Wear comfortable shoes ! These rocks are slippery as you can see the man behind me needed assistance lol<<<<<<<<<<<<
es of Athens is what I loved most about the city. It reminded me a lot of New York with graffiti everywhere you turn, but you still get a sense of “upscale” with all the fine eateries on the street. There were so many shops and restaurants, we just had to stop at them all and read each menu to decide. Also you will see a noticeable amount of cats roaming the streets. It is well known that the Grecians love cats and all the townspeople and restaurant owners feed them. Imagine being a stray cat freely roaming the beautiful streets of Greece and being able to eat great.< img class=”wp-image-1098″ src=”; width=”3024″ height=”4032″><<<<<<<<<<<<
e friendly fella paying me a visit (and I don’t even like cats!)<<<<<<<<<<<<
n Athens I went back to the Acropolis. The Acropolis Museum is a must! It’s only 5€, and you get to see some amazing things like the ancient ruins way back before Jesus Christ was born ! You get to take in some of Athens history, while admiring some of the preserved artifacts from ancient history.


Hey ladies A friend of mine happened to live in Greece, and I just found out right before I left NY. What a small world, imagine me knowing people in Greece lol.  She invited me to her hubby’s basketball game, and we dined at the Hard Rock Cafe after. The Mac and cheese with chicken is a must ! If you ever go to the Hard Rock. At the end of the trip we took the ferry from Athens to Santorini for 45€, which was about 8hrs. There are more options to get to Santorini, the speed boats are a little more pricey and the flights were unavailable. The boats that we took were kind of like a mini cruise, part of the Greece experience, so I do recommend at least one ferry ride. It’s very comfortable and they sell snacks and beverages throughout the rideBye Athens 👋🏾Suggestions for Athens 1. Comfortable shoes are must ! The Acropolis is mostly rocks and made of granite tiles which can be very slippery.

2. Bring a water bottle because it is hot

3. Everything was pretty close, we took the train to the Acropolis from my hotel which was only 3 stops away

4. Don’t forget your adapter for your chargers !

5. A power bank is recommended, it seems like being out the country sucks your phone battery dry.

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