Busy Becoming Better

I remember last year when I was 24 turning 25, watching the time, getting more nervous as it gets closer to 12:00am. It’s funny when we are younger we think that life is so simple and we say things like “when I turn 18 I’m moving out, or by time I’m 25 I’ll be married with kids” until you actually reach that age and realize that you have so much more growing to do.

As I get older, I’m finding out more and more about myself, who I am, what I like, what I won’t tolerate, and this is molding me to become the strong devoted black woman that I aspire to be. Learning who I am is allowing me to dig past the surface of what is and see the bigger picture of everything.

What I understand now, I would’ve never received it before, because I didn’t know myself. Now the older I get the more excited I am to see what each chapter would bring, how will I continue to grow, what more will I accomplish etc.

People and society have a way of making it seem like you have to rush and force growth, rather than embracing and trusting this journey that you’re on.

“Your journey is your journey, no one person walks the same path as you”, it is unique, it is yours, and no one else can tell YOUR story.

Page 1 Of Chapter 26.

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