Happy Birthday Grandpa !

My grandfather and I are alike in so many ways, funny how I'm only just now noticing this.  His eagerness to learn new things at this ripe old age of 72 still amazes me.  He doesn't let his age get in the way of anything he wants to do.  Whether it's picking up a new trade to being in the now with the latest "HiPhone" aka IPhone—side bar-why do Jamaicans always add an H before all vowels? lol. 

Don't mind my hair this is what happens when you're natural in Cancun, Mexico #FRIZZ Now my grandfather and I talk about business plans and ways to make money … I always wonder what it would be like if we ran a business together.

My grandparents and I at a business expo at the Jacob Javits Center I remember my grandfather had this burgundy minivan and he would pack the whole family in there and take road trips to the Poconos, Disney World, South Carolina, where ever it was, he made it an adventure.  He love keeping the family together and I guess that's why now I'm such a big family person.
clearly he can fall asleep anywhere 😂 apparently he was suppose too be watching someone's dog while he went for a swim Coogee Beach, Australia
My grandparents travel the world together and they always invite the whole family.  Every time I call they are travelling somewhere and are rarely home lol.  I hope that one day I meet a man that is half the man that he is. And is worthy of joining this great family that he has built.  He is always there for the family.  He has taught all the females in the family how to be self-reliant, but anytime we need something done or fixed Grandpa will hop on a plane from Florida and take care of it.  The washing machine was broken, he flew down and fixed it.  My car and Aunty Kim car was giving problems, he flew in to fix it.  Aunty Tammy’s car gave out-what do you think he did?  Yes, he flew in to take her to the auction to get her a new car.  Oh and how can I forget that he transformed my basement into a complete living space for when we have guests over.  When I seen this I said "nah I need a handy man as a husband" 😂 .  I don’t know what the family would do without him.  Happy Birthday Grampa!!!!

This is us in Hawaii a few years back.

My Grandpa and I at the Grand Canyon ❤️

"My grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart" ~unknown

4 Replies to “Happy Birthday Grandpa !”

  1. Happy birthday to our Friend JR. He was the 1st friend of Hayden that I met before we got married. 46 YEARS AGO

    So happy birthday to another LEO. Mine was August 2nd. God’s peace and love

    Beverly and Hayden


  2. Happy Birthday Pops! The family is so blessed to have you as a cornerstone. And thank you Deijha for allowing us to share your family’s happiness! 😘


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