Funny how about 2 weeks ago I talked about my family visiting from Port St Lucie, and last week I had to go out there to celebrate my Great Grandfathers 100th birthday.

It's been sooo long since I've been to my grandparents house. I never know why I wait so long to visit because every time I do I have a great time. My grandfather cooks breakfast almost every morning (porridge, Ackee and salt fish, eggs, hard dough bread to be exact lol), the weather is extremely hot but that's no issue because they have a pool in their backyard. Along with mango trees, pineapples, mint leaves, Spanish cherries, aloe Vera, basically everything growing back there ! I love it. I feel like I'm on an island outside of the country when I'm at my grandparents house.

My little cousins are usually there every summer so when I come they bug me every second to join them in the pool. I love the fact that they have access to a pool during the summers because my grandma taught them how to swim, just as she did with my brother and I when we were their age.

This little one is 5 years old doing flips in the pool ! Everyone say hi to London

And here's Gracy and Maddy doing back flips! Both are 10. Everyone say hi to Maddy and Gracy.
Khamden is getting to the age where he's too big for certain things now lol, he's 13. But there he is with London, seeing if she can swim without her floaty.

The girls have this swim gear called the mermaid tail and I think I'm a little obsessed with it that I just had to squeeze my big self in it🙈. I think it is sooo cool! Can you not tell by the smile on my face lol.

My grandma planted a pineapple for each of her grandchildren, so she has a total of 6 growing. They usually take up to a year or two to grow

And of course while I was there I had to visit all of my cousins, but this is just us visiting cousin Kevin at his new place.

Also another highlight of my trip to Florida was shopping for RVs. My grandfather wants us to go road tripping before the summer is over and we went to look at some RVs. Seeing the variety of vehicles made me even more excited. Some were fully loaded with washer and dryer, dish washers, queen size beds, flat screen tv's. I'm really looking forward to that trip!

Well until next time folks 👋🏾

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