FamILY Port St. Lucie Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on family.  Immediate family, extended family, in laws …Family period. When we have family come to town, my mom and I get excited.  We create a whole itinerary, cook dinner, come up with family activities, we basically go the whole 9 yards. 

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of having my cousins from Port St. Lucie, Florida stop by.  Now for those of you who don’t know Port St Lucie or never heard of it (I won’t be surprised) …I tend to think of it as a town full of retired old folks 🙈(hope no one takes offense to this).  It was put on the map by the Mets training camp. But just imagine how exciting it was to show them(some for the first time) the city that never sleeps. 

Anyway we had less than 24 hours to show them some of what the Big Apple has to offer. We took them to the Barclays Center, we rode the subway to Canal street, we visited the World Trade Center Memorial, walked through the Oculus Mall, we had Sunday dinner by Aunty Chine and we ended the night at Coney Island.

I remember hearing one of them say “OMG look there’s smoke coming out of the ground take a picture” lol

How captivating is the architecture in the Oculus Mall !? This was my first time visiting, I didn’t even know it existed.  So thank you fam, if it wasn’t for you guys I probably would’ve never seen this place.

In the mall they had a Roman art gallery depicting some of Michelangelo’s art work in the Sistine ChapelThe World Trade Center 
This is some of my beautiful family and I at Aunty Chine house 

It’s so funny seeing New York with fresh eyes.  I’ve come to a greater appreciation for all the diverse cultures that are here and may not be in other places.  As we were strolling the street of Manhattan there were Mexicans selling mangoes and guinep, Asians trying to convince us to buy “Louis Vuitton” bags, we ate Halal food, and of course the NY staple, a vendor hot dog.  We even stopped at McDonalds for free ice cream day.

As you can see the family enjoying the street food. And in typical NY fashion, as soon as we got on the train at Atlantic, a man was putting on a “show”, singing a song for little Sage asking us for money lol.  I guess the freaks come out during the day time as well.  They were looking around like “what in the world” meanwhile my mom and I are like “ughhhh not again” lol

My little cousins ❤️ 

Some may think of New York as a mean, dirty, gritty place, (don’t get me wrong some of that maybe true, hence the picture below) but the flip side of that is there’s nothing you can’t do here.  Like Jay Z and Alicia Keys said “The concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do… big lights will inspire you”

I love my city, and I think they enjoyed it as well, so if you think that you can find any place like New York you can simply …Fuhgeddaboudit

18 Replies to “FamILY Port St. Lucie Edition”

  1. New york….New york…good job kid you told and showed how it is….miss that place looks like everyone had a blast…nym,nyk,nygeeeee’s…


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