Ocean City, Maryland

Looking back to 2 weeks ago’s mini vacation, I realized that it doesn’t always have to be a trip out of the country to fulfill my need of a vacation.  Any change of scenery apart from the every day city does me just fine.  Especially when there’s a beach ! I find the beach to be so relaxing.  The best part for me is when I’m hesitantly walking towards the ocean feeling the temperature change on the sand from the cold water.  It’s like for the first 10 to 15 minutes me and the water are playing a game of tag 😂.  I go in further as the water recedes, but as soon as I see them waves coming I’m am running like “ha you can’t get me” lol.  Eventually My whole body gets wet from all the splashing and I just let it be. 

I loveee the feeling of the big heavy waves beating against my body like hands beating on drums.  It is so strong and powerful but yet so relaxing.  After about a hour of getting adjusted to the temperature of the water and being a drum to the hands of the waves I am beat! I lay my blanket down and knock out lol.  That’s one of the best rest ever ! Correct me if I’m wrong please! 

But anywho, last week my friends Tenisha Roshanna and I decided that since we were all off we should take a trip somewhere.  Tenisha came up with the idea of ocean city and Saturday night we packed some sandwiches and were on the road ! 

It took us about a total of 4.5 hours to get there.  It’s so funny because as we crossed the bridge into the town my eyes lit up.  I really didn’t expect to see what I saw.  It was a cute strip full of ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT !, there were amusement parks, night clubs, mini golf,  everything for all ages and sizes.  

We were so hype that we changed clothes before checkin at the hotel and went straight to the beach lol.  

After the beach we went to this cute ocean front restaurant called Macky’s Bar And Grill.  It was the only bar and grill serving food at the time.  Being that it was a Sunday, it was a little dead but I can tell during Friday or Saturday it’s the place to be.  We shared a 32oz. rum punch served in a bucket 😂 and I had the lobster pizza.  It was soooo good ! And the lobster meat was fresh. 

From Mackys we freshened up a little and hit the night scene.  No exaggeration I had the time of my life !   We went to a club called Seacrets, and boy when I say the time of my life ! I mean the time of my life.  There were two separate sections, one with the live band playing that good ol’ reggae music your parents would blast on Sundays when it’s time to clean up (my Caribbean people know what I’m talking about).  And on the other side the live band were playing everything from JayZ and Alicia Keys “New York” To Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”.  Great mixture of music.  When they played Rihanna’s song Cake, tons of balloons and confetti came falling from the ceiling.   I really felt like it was my birthday, it was so much fun ! 

(I had to screenshot the videos from my Snapchat lol)

We spent a total of about 38 hours in Ocean City and it was well worth the time.  I would recommend anyone, whether you’re traveling with your girls, children or parents to take this trip.  It is eventful for everyone and convenient.  

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