Happy Birthday Grandma 

It is only right that I acknowledge my grandmother as my WCW, as for today she turns 70! It's so funny, Brotha and I joke alll the time that we feel like she's still 50 years old lol

As a child growing up my brother and I had to go by grandma house every weekend. We really use to be upset because grandma had us in check lol. We had to wait until 12:00pm before we could go upstairs to our cousin house, we couldnt stay in the bed past 10:00am, mind you it's the weekend! Weekends are made for late nights and late mornings, but not at grandmas. We also had to wake up early on Sundays to serve food to the homeless at the church over on Flatbush and Church Ave.  I was forced to watch Oprah (as said in The Key To A Peaceful Life),  it was just a child's worst nightmare.  We really use to think she was mean because she didn't let us do what we wanted. 

Every rule and lesson grandma instilled in us when we were younger, made me very appreciative of them today. I am glad she was able to help my parents raise us into respectable children and now adults. I use to see kids cursing in front of adults, not give up their seats to elders, all types of things that I thought were just were crazy.

I admire her for all that she does for each and every last one of us in my family. When all fails call grandma and she will be sure to take care of it lol.  She doesn't let her age deprive her of living life.  She's always traveling and quick to jump on the next plane smoking.  Two years ago her and grandpa met me and aunty Tammy out in Miami for carnival lol.  They don't miss a beat!  I also admire the wife she is to my grandpa. She makes sure he is well taken care of. One day I hope to be at least half the woman/wife/mother that she is.  
Everyone wish my grandma a Happpy Birthdayyyy still looking young and fabulous

I really have the best grandparents ! They invited me to California to go on the Price is Right and we also were on the Arsenio Hall Show this is them in Miami Beach lol it was so weird having them there during Carnival time.

They just celebrated their 48th year anniversary #GOALS ❤️

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