100 Things

Hey guys it’s been a while ! So much has been going on and I am finally back on my proper schedule from Australia! It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back and let me tell you that jet lag is no joke !

But I wanted to first talk about my vision book that I made, which would then lead to my trip in a later post.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog or on my instgram you would see me mention my “100 things to do list” I created this list the day after I went to a business seminar.  The speaker said to a room full of adults “you know if you ask a child to list 100 things he/she wants to do they would come up with it very easily, but if you ask an adult they can not get past 16” I thought 16!? No way.  So me being me I went home and started to create a list and I really couldn’t get past,  well 17!

He said us as adults put a blockage on what it is that we really want to do because we feel like we can’t do all that we want to do.  We have bills, children, mortgage, debit, etc. and this prevents us from being able to think without a limit.  Whereas a child, their mind runs free and wild if a child wants to be able to fly a child would’ve put on their list “to fly”.

I started my list over and this time thought about all the things I really want to and accomplish in life, with no limits and I’m up to number 82!  Still not 100 but way better than 17 lol.  And as I’m not even finished completing my list I’m already crossing things off !

My list consist of things like own a jet, owning a yatch, becoming and entrepreneur, learning another language, be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday! of course visiting ALL seven continents, and then simpler things like seeing The Lion King on broadway, going to the Statue of Liberty, learn how to beat my face lol.

It was fun and exciting for me creating this list because at first I was thinking like nah I can’t do that I can’t afford it, then when I changed my mind set I was writing down a whole bunch of things feeling like I actually can one day accomplish all that is on my list!  So my fellow bloggers, readers, friends, family, maybe you should give this a try and see what you come up with.  And remember think with no limits !! 😊

Here’s a picture of the book I made my list in.  I saw this book in Walmart and had to buy lol

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