How I Spent A Day And A Half In Brazil !  

So often I hear people say they would love to travel but they cant get time off of work or they just simply don’t have the time too.  It’s not necessary to have a whole week to travel, sometimes just two days would suffice. 

My brother, aunt and I went to Rio De Janeiro for literally a day and a half ! We were able to see all the beauty and attractions Brazil had to offer.

We arrived in Brazil at 10am, it was about a 30 minute drive to our hotel Royal Rio Palace. We showered and hit the road ! 

Our first stop was the famous Christ De Redeemer Statue, now known as one of the new seven world wonders.  There was a shuttle bus that was a 5minute walk away from the hotel, and only 15$.  It was beautiful ride on the way up, seeing the locals walking up the hills and the different styles of houses in the area.  When we finally reached the top it was packed ! The view from the top was to die for ! You be the judge …

I honestly couldn’t believe I was seeing this with my own two eyes … what a beautiful planet we live on.   Here’s a picture of the statue and I 

Reflecting on how blessed I am to have experience such a compelling city and one of the seven world wonders ! There were people charging 30$ to take and print professional pictures, so you know we had to take one.  Here’s a picture of the picture, my aunt brother and I (don’t mind the tear it had to be packed in the suitcase)

After Christ De Redeemer, we went to Sugar Loaf Mountain.  Sugar Loaf Mountain is the peak of Rio that stands 396 meters high, almost as tall as the Empire State Buikding.  We were able to have a 360 degree birds eye view of the entire city !  It was getting dark but it was still beautiful (if you squint a little you can see the Christ De Redeemer glowing at the peak of the mountain)

Being that time was limited we didn’t take any breaks.  Right after we went to the city center.  That’s where the night life was ! The streets were filled with so many locals and tourists, vendors selling food and their special drinks on the street.  I was determined to find the Escadaria Selaron steps.  We walked throughout the area for about 17minutes to be exact before we found it.  These steps were created by Jorge Selarón in the early 1990s.  The tiles that he first used were from construction sites, but years later people from all over the world started to donate tiles to him. The next and last day we walked to the beach which was literally a 7minute walk from our hotel. The water was freezing ! But once again the scenery was beautiful. This is Brazil’s special drink called Caipirinha (k-eye-per-reen-yah) that they sell on the street and on the beach.  My favorite was the lemon, its mixed with sugar and liquor, plenty of liquor ! 
And that’s just a brief description of how I spent a day and a half in Rio ! Here’s a few more pictures …

“I’d rather see something once, than to hear about it a million times” 

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