The Key To A Peaceful Life

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love and admire Oprah. I was forced to watch her talk show EVERYDAY as a child, and now …let’s just say, I don’t go a Sunday without watching Super Soul Sunday (thank You grandmother and mom).

Anywho, on one of her shows I remembered her talking about how she seen someone that she had a long time grudge against. She saw the person and was immediately upset that the person was laughing and having a good ole time. As she was getting more angry she realizes that the lady is completely happy enjoying her life, while Oprah is sitting on the sideline for years being angry! (It just doesn’t add up)

There is this famous quote she used “Being angry for someone is like taking in poison and expecting them to die”-Buddha. Of course I had that “ahh haaa” moment every time I hear a good quote! It made so much sense to me. You kill yourself by holding grudges and staying angry at someone, meanwhile their life is going on. Once you’re able to accept the fact that YOU can not change what happened in the past but you can determine what happens in your future, you will be more at peace. It amazes me how people hold on to things that happened years and years ago, sometimes not even remembering why they were angry in the first place. Either you discuss the situation and move forward, or accept that you can not change the past or a person and also move forward!

Also, while I was in Ghana, my friend Mimmy and I were staying at the hotel Movenpik in Accra. They mixed up our room situation and she said to me why do you look happy when you’re “supposed” to be upset right now. (Lol) I really thought to myself do I really look like that when I am “angry” no wonder no one takes me seriously. Then I also thought …”who says I’m SUPPOSED to be angry”. YOU choose what you put your energy into, you choose what you allow to get you angry, and I just rather choose a more peaceful mind, Peaceful life. Me getting upset at the Concierge would only make a bad situation worse. Adding fuel to flame only creates a bigger flame. At the end of it all they upgraded us to the Executive suit with 2 extra nights and dinner ! Needless to say …choose a peaceful life (lol)

You can be in a situation and handle it with angry energy, or you can give yourself peace of mind and accept what can not change, accept what is happening in the present, and your actions that is taking place in the present will determine your future.

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