Winter/ New Year 

Even though the winter is never really fun, I actually look forward to it.  The winter lets me know that soon it will be a new year.  

The “winter is all about recovery and preparation” – Paul Theroux.  We recover from all the fun and play time we did during the warmer weather, and prepare for the new year.  

With it being the start of a new year,  I look back and realize that I had a wonderful 2016 ! I told myself in 2015 that I wanted a change and I stuck to it.  The hardest part was remaining consistent with a long term plan or goal because there are always obstacles and distractions in the way.  But I wanted to read more, travel more (I was blessed enough to have had traveled out the country 7 times in 2016 !!!), tighten up my circle, build a better and stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father, and take the time to understand and know who Deijha is, plus more. 

 I honestly can say I accomplished all of thee above in 2016.  It may seem like something small to others but I had to accomplish my goals in 2016 for me to be able to set more profound goals for 2017.  I am honestly excited to see what this new year will bring.  I see people blaming the year for all of their mistakes and bad experiences but it’s not the year, it’s you ! 

So with that being said, this year try something different.  Whatever you did that didn’t work out for you, change it! Set short term goals as well.  That may give you more faith that it is possible to accomplish anything you want to.  Write them all down and by the end of the year see how far you have gotten.  ( I got that tradition from my mother.  Every year we have to write down our yearly goals and put it in a box, then we open it up at the end of the year.) this helps to keep our focus on goals. 

It is not just the end of a chapter, but a beginning of a whole new book! Day 2 out of 365. 

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