Cancun, Mexico 

Last week, Saturday morning around 10:37am, my family decides to look into taking a trip somewhere. We had no clue where, but everyone was in town for Thanksgiving and had the time off from work, so we thought “hey why not”.  My mom woke everyone up and we literally had a family meeting on where we should go and we left the next morning ! My family has always been spontaneous (I guess that’s where I get my spontaneity from). We always find a way to do anything we want, even when it seems impossible.

So we decided to go to Cancun, Mexico.  Cancun is like or “go to spot” because it’s most convenient for us all.  It’s inexpensive, all inclusive and the flight is about four hours, so it’s something that the whole family can enjoy.  I’ve been to Mexico about six times!  I absolutely love it there and recommend everyone to take that trip.   It’s perfect for couples, families and even anyone traveling alone.

We stayed at the Pyramid At Grand Oasis resort.  On the walk in, we were greeted by three men who did a little performance for us.  Also, while we waited we had small pastries and some beverages.  Our room was beautiful! It’s just something about the air when you’re surround by tropical trees and a clear blue ocean that makes life seem so much more at peace.  Coming from New York City where you are surrounded by buildings and everyone is packed on top of each other.

Every trip I take I like to take a few minutes to take it all in.   I think about how blessed I am to be able to have this opportunity because there are people who would never be able to leave their own neighborhood.  I just try to remain humble and enjoy every experience.  With every experience I learn something new about myself.  In this case I realized that I look forward to relaxing more than “turning up”.  Even though my brother and I went to the club Dady O’s, I enjoyed relaxing on the beach more.  Hearing the ocean waves crash amongst each other is like music to my ears.  It’s like the music that I listen to when I meditate.  And when the cool ocean breeze caresses my skin like a soft blanket, gives me the chills, good chills.  When I  pause for a second and look at my surroundings on how beautiful the earth is, I swear it makes me more appreciative of everything.  Surprisingly I was never really a fan of the beach.

Even though we stayed for two nights, we were able to do a lot.  We participated in the salsa dance competition, spent some time on the beach, watched a “Cirque Du Soleil” performance, went to the mall and had a fish spa pedicure which was 20$ for 20 minutes. Oh My Gosh !!! That fish spa was one of the craziest feelings I have ever felt in my life ! It felt like very light electric currents running through my whole body.  Can you imagine sitting there for twenty minutes with that feeling!? I really don’t know how else to describe the feeling, but it was a different and a weird experience over all.  It was also something to cross off of my “100 things to do list” (I’ll write more about that on another post).  I do suggest everyone to try it though, it doesn’t hurt 😊.

One thing I love about vacating with my family, is the undivided time we share as a whole.  Even though we have a tradition of Sunday dinners, it’s nothing like experiencing another country and culture with your family.  The memories will last a lifetime.  My family and I are all the same yet so different.  We all are open for new adventures, and again we are all spontaneous in the sense of “picking up and going”.  Every year we do a family vacation and this year we were blessed enough to do two.

Here are a few pictures from our trip…

This is was the lobby of our hotel.Here’s my family from left to right Grandpa, Aunty Kim, Grandma, My Mom, and my Brother “Brotha” (his name is Myles but everyone who knows me knows his name is Brotha lol <<
re's a view from the room balcony< a href=””&gt;Trying to keep my cool while the fish nibble at my feet 🙈 My family and I soaking up some sun ☀️ 

Hope you enjoyed.

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way”


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