Autumn 🍂 

This pass week I decided to take a walk during my hour long school break.  Doing so, I bumped into this admirable scenery, I met this entertaining elderly woman named Anastasia, and I also met this elderly Chinese man named Paul.  

I stopped for a second and took it all in.  The weather was beautiful the color of the trees were devine! I absolutely LOVE the color change of the trees during Autumn.  The rusted orange the dark red and the ever green colors all together just blend so perfectly.  Anywho as soon as I got to the lake area to take pictures Anastasia immediately started talking to me lol.  It was as if she was waiting for me to meet her there.  I LOVE engaging in conversation with older people as well, they have so many stories to share and they are filled with knowledge and wisdom.  Me and Ana (lol) talked for about an fourty minutes and she just told me about all the ducks in the lake, how she’s retired and about her life growing up.  Paul on the other hand had a total different personality.  He seemed pretty shy but offered to take my pictures for me.  He later then showed me pictures of he and his wife in China, Columbia, London, and a few other places.  

Here are a few pictures that were taken by Paul and I 

Here’s Ana

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